Richmond County Home Educators

Family based support group serving the Richmond County, NC area

What we do...

We base all of our activities around camaraderie and education.  Most support groups offer field trips, and we are no exception!  It's a wonderful benefit to tag along with other students and families on outings.  We get group rates, and we have multiple points of view that everyone can benefit from!  

Everything we do is planned by members who would like to be a part of the process.  We have two meetings per year, to plan half of the year at a time.  We typically have two events per month including field trips, holiday parties, and our annual events (i.e. The RCHE Annual Educational Fair).  In addition to those, we also have teamed up with the Richmond County 4-H to start a science club!  The club meets monthly for student led experiments!  Some of the trips we are looking forward to, for the 2016-17 school year, include the Tiger Rescue Center in Pittsboro and McArthur Farms for some fall farm fun!

We have seen such tremendous growth over the past few years that we are always open to new things to help us expand and be an asset to the not just local homeschooling community, but the community at large!